MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK (9S7-1799E5-1225) Laptop Review

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On April 25, 2018
Last modified:April 25, 2018


Since past few years, the premium laptop brand MSI has created a trend to produce dynamic qualities of gaming laptops for the hard-core gamers. So, due to this million of computer games lovers are despising the heavy desktops and preferring high-quality gaming laptops.  Now, MSI has come up with another dynamic innovation called the MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK  which is newly launched in the market. Here are some facts about this laptop discussed below which help you to decide whether to purchase this laptop or not.

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MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK Laptop Specification

Model MSI 9S7-1799E5-1225 GL72M 7REX-1225
Processor Intel iCore 7 2800 MHz
Memory (RAM) 8 GB RAM, GDDR5
Storage 1000 GB Hybrid (HDD/SDD)
Screen Size 43.942 centimetres
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 6 Hours
Weight 2.7 kg
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 5
Warranty 12 Months

The MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK Laptop Reviews


Large Screen: Playing games on a smaller screen will not give you that ultimate enjoyment which the bigger screen can give you. So, the new MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK give you the pleasure of playing high defined games in its 17.3-inch screen. This is one of the positive impacts on the game lovers who will surely admire this gaming laptop from MSI. In addition to this, this laptop also has anti-glare display technology.

Performance: All hardcore gaming laptops come with the ability to perform great. Same in the case of the new MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK. It has Intel Core i7  which delivers extra processing power for playing advanced PC games.

Storage: This laptop offers plenty of storage while you save huge files and other documents. Its Hybrid (HDD/SDD) offers 1000 GB, and 8 GB RAM is enough to store all your files.


Low Battery life: Just like other hardcore gaming laptops, even the MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK does not provide great battery backup. Since you are playing so many games, this laptop runs for only 6 hours on a single charge.

Not so impressive graphics card: This MSI Laptop has GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card which is same just like any other average laptop. But for a gaming laptop, this graphics card is not quite impressive. MSI could have come up with a higher end graphics card in this model.

Bulky weight: The 2.7 Kg weight of the MSI GL72M 7REX 1225UK makes this laptop quite heavy, and this is not possible to carry everywhere.

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This laptop is a great purchase due to its affordable price tag. Moreover, this MSI laptop variant is best for those people who want a laptop for every day use and also playing moderate PC games. But, the hardcore PC game players might not find too impressive and may not consider a great purchase. But, if you’re not an avid gamer and prefer a laptop for work then this will be the best for you.

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