Lenovo IdeaPad 110S -11.6-Inch Notebook Review

For people looking out for larger screen laptop with a tad more mobility, Lenovo IdeaPad 110S in an option that is worth considering at this point. There is no known noticeable difference in Lenovo IdeaPad 110S that makes the user think that they are compromising with the screen of the laptop. The budget friendly laptop covers all the basic needs of the user. In this brief review, we’ll learn some of the advantages as well as some disadvantages of having Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-14IAP 81A5000VUK in your bag.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 110S -11.6-Inch Notebook Specifications

Model Lenovo IdeaPad 110S
Processor Celeron
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Storage 500 GB
Screen Size 29.5 cm
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 8 Hours
Weight 1.15 kg
Graphics Card HD Graphics 505
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 3
Warranty 1 Year


High Mobility: As it is mentioned in the context, Lenovo IdeaPad 110S 81A5000VUK is a highly mobile laptop with only a weight of 1.4 KG that is far lower compared to other laptops in the market.

Good Battery Life: Mobility is not the only thing about Lenovo IdeaPad 110S 81A5000VUK that is going to impress you as the 8-hour battery life of the laptop is good enough to last for a very extended period of time of time without any break.

Excellent Performance: With the presence of SSD instead of SATA, it is assured that you are bound to get good boot up times alongside incredible performance.

Connectivity: Despite being a mobile laptop, the connectivity levels of the laptop are impressive. To be more precise, Lenovo has included three ports with Lenovo IdeaPad 110S namely two USB 3.0 ports and a HDMI that makes it easier for you to connect external devices with the gadget.


Limited Capabilities: When you talk about the mobility, Lenovo IdeaPad 110S is definitely on the higher side. However, it has a limited processor and memory which can only handle standard tasks for you. If you want to play a game like GTA V on the laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad 110S will not be able to match your expectations.

Limited Storage: The inclusion of SSD allows you to gain better boot up time and a faster environment. Though, it comes with a backdrop that now states you have only 128 GB available in your vicinity for storing your data files.


Lenovo IdeaPad 110S is a laptop for peeps aiming to buy an affordable laptop which occupies lesser space and is high on the mobility side. It might not allow you to play high-end games, but the performance offered by the laptop is good enough to take care all of your regular jobs quickly.

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