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On May 19, 2018
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There many laptop users especially students who prefer to have a computing device which is cost- friendly and mobile friendly. So, the iOTA Slim IO025 is the premium laptop to offer you good performance and is portable enough to carry anywhere. This is the laptop will surely catch your fancy due to its sophisticated design and slim and elegant contemporary metal finishing. Now, let us check out the features and specifications of the iOTA Slim IO025 laptop.

iOTA Slim IO025

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The iOTA Slim IO025 Laptop Specifications

Model iOTA IO025
Processor Intel Celeron 1100 MHz
Memory (RAM) 2048 MB (2 GB RAM)
Storage 32 GB SS HD
Screen Size 35.8 centimeters (14 -inches)
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 8 Hours
Weight 1.33 Kg
Graphics Card HD Graphics 500
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 5
Warranty 12 Months

The iOTA Slim IO025 Laptop Review


Portability: The iOTA Slim IO025 laptop is very easy to carry at your workplace, school or college. Its weight won’t burden you since it weighs only 1.33 kg and the compact size of the laptop is just 14- inches and will fit easily in your bag.

Affordability: In less then 200 pounds you will get this laptop at an affordable price to carry out the basic task and mild gaming activities.

Appealing looks: Slim and sleek design with advanced techniques is all you can expect at the iOTA Slim IO025. The full metal chasing of this laptop keeps you protected from all types of wear and tear. Even the touchpad is fully responsive and controlled. This allows easy activities like touch, zoom, scroll, pinch, and swipe. It also offers great experiences to effortlessly enjoy videos, images, web browsing, and games.


Processor: No one can match with the credibility and power-packed performances offered by the Intel Core processor. But, the iOTA Slim IO025 laptop is featured with the Intel Celeron processor which does not have any match with the core processor. Moreover, the 2 GB RAM memory is not enough for taking up any rigorous activities. If you are a basic laptop user then this is not the bad idea to buy the iOTA Slim  IO025 laptop.

Low storage space: The mere 32 GB SS HD is sure to worry you if you are thinking to store all your files and documents. You will have to spend more on external drives for safe storage of your files and documents.

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The iOTA Slim  IO025 laptop is the perfect buy for you if you are for only the 3 things at the laptop. This is portability, affordability and daily basic activities.

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