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On February 13, 2018
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The HP 15-bs503na is a notebook model laptop with basic features and specs. It is light and mobile even though it sports a large 15.6 inch display. Read the review of this laptop below to get a better idea about its benefits and limitations.

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HP 15-bs503na Specifications

Model HP 15-bs503na
Processor Intel Core i3-6006U
Memory (RAM) 8 GB RAM
Storage  128 GB SSD
Screen Size 15.6 inch
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 11 Hours
Weight 1.9 kg
Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 520
Wifi  yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 2
Warranty 12 Months

HP 15-bs503na Review


Display: The first feature in this laptop that will catch your eyes is the 15.6 inch display. While many new budget laptops compromise on a small 13.3 or 14 inch display, HP 15-bs503na has gone a step ahead. The 15.6 inch HD, SVA, anti glare, WLED backlit display renders high quality visuals and video. The large screen space has a wide view display and lets you share the screen content.

Weight: The laptop weighs close to 2 kgs which means it is qualified under lightweight and portable laptops. It is handy and can be taken in a book bag so that you can work from any place of your choice. This model is a great travel companion to stay updated with work and social media.

Graphics: For an affordable mid range laptop model, Intel UHD Graphics 520 is an above par option. Hence, gaming experience in this laptop is better than what you expect from a non-gaming laptop. It might not be powerful to handle intensive modern games but definitely satisfies your light gaming needs.

Performance: The HP 15-bs503na is powered by Intel Core i3 processor and 8 GB RAM. Though Core i3 processor may sound little obsolete, it is powerful enough to run basic applications. The 8 GB RAM also delivers a fast and responsive multitasking.


Battery: HP claims that HP 15-bs503na will run for 11 hours for basic computing and 9 hours approximately while playing video. But we have found that the laptop runs out of battery in 5-6 hours while streaming series or movies on Netflix over the Wi-Fi. With a 6 hour battery life, you cannot expect a full day’s work to be completed on a single charge.

Storage: The HP 15-bs503na comes with 128 GB SSD storage capacity. This storage space looks limited nowadays, especially for those consumers who are used to download everything and store every work they do. But if you are going to use the laptop for basic school and office work, 128 GB is sufficient.

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The HP 15-bs503na has the same number of pros as it swizzes. But more importantly, it is low priced and is worth a buy as an additional device to one you already have. If you are a student or a home based user, we recommend you to buy this.

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