Gigabyte Aero 14K V7-CF2 Review

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On March 13, 2018
Last modified:March 13, 2018


Gigabyte is not a new name in the market of dedicated gaming laptops. With its Aero 14K series, Gigabyte has jumped into the ever-growing clash in the market of launching the best premium general purpose notebook.

Let’s check how good is the new launch from Gigabyte-the new Gigabyte Aero 14K V7-CF2, to win over its contemporaries in the market.

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Gigabyte Aero 14K V7-CF2 Specifications

Model Gigabyte Aero 14K V7-CF2
Processor Intel 7700HQ
Memory (RAM) 8 GB  RAM
Storage 256 GB SSD
Screen Size 14 inch
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 9 Hours
Weight 3.46 kg
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 4
Warranty 12 Months

Gigabyte Aero 14K V7-CF2 Review


  • Performance: An Intel Core i7 processor, combined with 16 gigs of RAM and a 256 GB SSD, gives a performance that can be rated above average. The SSD enhances the performance and transfers data at over 1GBps.
  • GPU: The Gigabyte product is equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti GPU, which is 25% faster than the GTX 1050, generally used by most of the laptop in this range. However, this laptop is still unable to host games in QHD resolution. Games can be played in Medium or High settings in 1080p resolution.
  • Battery Backup: Laptops with such powerful GPU and QHD resolution display panel suffers a pitfall of low battery backup. However, in this case, the 94 Wh battery is capable enough to last for around 7hours, which is very unusual for laptops of this kind.
  • Display: The 14-inch QHD display with the vibrant colour coverage and high contrast ratio gives great multimedia viewing experience.
  • Ports: This laptop hosts an abundant number of ports including 3 USB 3.0, an SD card reader and a mini display port. But the head-turning aspect is the Thunderbolt 3 port.


  • Price: This laptop falls on the higher price range, and would make the buyers rethink their purchase. £1500 for a QHD display is good, but the GTX 1050Ti at this price is not value for money if power is the winning factor for you.
  • Cooling: This is a shortcoming almost all gaming laptops faces. While intense gaming, the temperature raises to as high as 53°C.

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Summing up the pros and the cons of purchasing this laptop, the QHD display is not what you usually get at this price. But it comes at the cost of gaming power. This laptop is a bit more portable than other gaming laptops, giving it a positive edge over other laptops in this range.

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