Dell Inspiron 13 7370 59MFH Laptop Review

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On May 7, 2018
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The Dell Inspiron 13 7370 is targeted for those customers who demand to have more and for this they are ready to splurge more cash to get their desired laptop. You can expect to get the top performance and mobility from this Dell laptop. Below we have discussed the features, pros, cons and its specifications. This article would be the perfect guide for you to help you decide if you would go for this laptop or not.

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The Dell Inspiron 13 7370 59MFH Laptop Specifications

Model Inspiron 13 7370 59MFH
Processor Intel Core Core i7 4 GHz
Memory (RAM) 16 GB RAM, DDR4 SDRAM
Storage 512 GB SDD
Screen Size 33.8 centimeters
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Battery Life 9 hours
Weight 1.4 kg
Graphics Card Intel UHD Graphics 620, PCI-E
Wifi Yes, 801.11 AC
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 4
Warranty 12 Months

The Dell Inspiron 13 7370 Laptop Reviews


Powerful Performance: The speedy and powerful performance of the Dell Inspiron 13 7370 laptop is due to the latest and powerful Intel Core i7 Processor. This makes the work of any user completed easily, and moreover, this laptop also handles huge workloads very easily. You can also expect great performance from its Intel HD graphics also enables you to control and finish every task you take to perform. You also can do the video streaming at great speed. This laptop is also great for doing multi-tasking activities which are powered by the 16GB DDR4 memory. This is so because the memory has the bigger bandwidth and it takes to load at faster speed.

Portability: The Dell Inspiron 13 7370 is very easy to carry and use it everywhere. This is due to the light weight of 1.4 Kg, compact size of 13.3 inches and it is designed with a 180-degree hinge which allows bending the screen to flat, making it easy to use.

Faster SSD Drive: The speedy SSD drive boosts up the laptop performance and has the ample space with the available 512 GB storage.


Overpriced: The Dell Inspiron 13 7370 is a bit overpriced and customers who want a laptop in the low and medium budget cannot purchase it. But it for those individuals who are ready to spend more and buy this laptop.

Not so pleasing connectivity: Connectivity drops to 50 % speed if the USB SSD hard drive is connected to the right-hand side of the USB dock. Also, if you turn on the Bluetooth there is no connectivity.

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The Dell Inspiron 13 7370 is a great buy for those who are not worried about the budget but cares for more for its features, build, performance, etc.

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