Alienware 693HT Laptop Review

Alienware has recently started making name for itself in the market of laptops. The latest model introduced to the world by them is the Alienware 693HT lying in the category of 15-inch segments. Seems like, the company has focused on grabbing the attention of the public with the launch of Alienware 693HT. The laptop comes with every possible latest technology and feature. At this range and size, the Alienware 693HT could sound as the best buy. But is it really

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Dell XPS 15 Y4NDD Laptop Review

One of the most traditional laptops currently, the Dell XPS 15 comes with two different variants. The very first holds the processor of Intel Core i5, whereas other comes with Intel Core i7 processor. The Dell XPS 15 Y4NDD comes with Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM. Also, it has sufficient Storage disk available to store as much data you want to. Furthermore, the Dell XPS 15 Y4NDD have some outstanding features which keep it a step ahead

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