Asus C201PA-FD0012 Chromebook Review

If you are demanding a primary laptop at an affordable price, then you must try out Asus C201PA-FD0012. Asus is in the business for a long time now and has introduced their Chromebook devices in the market. Asus C201PA-FD0012 is a Chromebook device, a product of Asus coming with some basic features at a budget friendly price. The model doesn’t hold the high-end features but is compatible for those who are willing to spend very less for the purchase of their new laptop. The following review includes the pros and cons of Asus C201PA-FD0012.


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Asus C201PA-FD0012 Specification Table

Model Asus C201PA-FD0012
Processor Rockchip R3288
Memory (RAM) 2GB
Storage 16GB eMMC
Screen Size 11.6 Inches
Operating System Chrome OS
Battery Life (Avg) 10 Hour
Weight 898g
Graphics Card  
Wifi  yes
Bluetooth  Yes
Ports USB 2.0, HDMI
Warranty  1 year
Special Feature (if Any) Good Battery Life

Asus C201PA-FD0012 Review


Light weight: Asus C201PA-FD0012 is very easy to carry as it weighs only 900 grams. This is because of the small 11.6-inch display screen and makes it a perfect choice for the daily travelers.

Powerful battery backup: Although the price charged for the Asus C201PA-FD0012 is meager, there has been no compromise with the battery life of the model. Once charged, you can use the laptop for straight 10 hours.

Chrome Web Store: The inclusion of the Chrome Web Store is a huge benefit of Asus C201PA-FD0012. This web store contains thousands of different applications giving us some alternatives for the famous Windows or Apple at a single source.

Cheap Price: The price charged for the Asus C201PA-FD0012 fits in the pockets of almost everyone. Asus has made sure that this model becomes one of the most selling products for them by releasing it with some essential features at a cheap rate.



Limited Storage: The primary downside to the Asus C201PA-FD0012 is the problem faced by every Chromebook user. Chromebook devices come with an insufficient storage space pushing the users towards the means of online storage such as Google Drive. You get only 16 GB inbuilt storage.

Incompatible with Google Play Store: Asus C201PA-FD0012 doesn’t support Google Play Store, hence keeping the users away from various useful applications.

Low-End Gaming Specifications: If you are a hardcore PC gamer and purchasing the laptop to play some high-end games, then this is not made for you. Asus C201PA-FD0012 is not an ideal laptop to enjoy high-end gaming.


If you are going to purchase a laptop for completing your basic daily needs, then Asus C201PA-FD0012 is the one for you. The model comes at a very decent price with some essential features. It is not a first-hand choice of high-end power users. However, it is precisely made for the average users looking for the laptop in their little budget.

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