Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C8D2 Laptop Review

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On April 13, 2018
Last modified:April 13, 2018


The newest entry of light weight and slimmest laptops in the market is made by the new Acer Chromebook 11. The conventional designs, promising looks, and the 11.6 inch matte screen is something you can look out for in this Acer laptop. This newest entry of Acer laptop is already giving a tough competition to the other laptop brands and variants. The Acer Chromebook 11 is available in 2 models: N2840 Processor and N3060 Processor. Currently, this laptop variant is available in colors of Blue and White.

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Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C8D2 Laptop Review


  • Portability: Acer Chromebook 11 is the newest entry in the laptop variant where it scores greatly in portability. The sleek and sporty design can be carried seamlessly anywhere even it weighs 2.43 pounds. If you are a fan of the tablet, then this Acer Chromebook 11 can also be turned into a tablet by bending its touchscreen to a Chrome OS tablet.
  • Performance: This Acer Chromebook model is great for performing multi-tasking activities. All activities and apps can be run at the same time since it is a Chromebook. Moreover, the latest wireless technology is introduced at Acer Chromebook 11. The latest MIMO 802.11ac wireless technology and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies enable high-speed wireless connection even in low-range areas.
  • Display:  The 11.6-inch matte screen involves wide viewing angles with no glare. The resolution display is 1,366 x 768 which makes viewing of web content and video crisp and clear. Moreover, the HD webcam also enables the best video chat you have ever experienced.
  • Others: The battery life is great on this laptop. You can carry out various tasks nonstop for 8-9 backup hours. However, the Google and other Android Apps run on Beta Channel only. Other things you can look out here is 720 p webcam camera and Intel HD graphics card.


  • Design: The exterior design of Acer Chromebook 11 is done with plastic which gives a cheap look to the laptop.
  • Low Bass: Though the speaker is good still it does not have a convincing bass.

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The Acer Chromebook 11 is a perfect buy for those who want a portable and light laptop to carry anywhere. Moreover, it is quite affordable at $169. If the cheap exterior plastic looks do not matter to you, then you can purchase this laptop for performing heavy work and entertainment purposes. Working on this Acer laptop makes you feel too good due to long battery life and advanced display resolution.

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