Acer Aspire F5-771G-79M1 (NX.GENEG.023) Laptop Review

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On May 12, 2018
Last modified:May 12, 2018


While the laptop brands are launching many slim and light weighted laptop models, but this time Acer has done just the opposite. With the launch of the new Acer Aspire F5-771G-79M1, the Acer brand has again supported the bulky weight and large sized laptop. This laptop is not portable to carry but it has got one of the best features and innovative specifications.

Acer Aspire F5-771G-79M1 (NX.GENEG.023)

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The Acer Aspire F5-771G-79M1  Laptop Specifications

Model NX.GENEG.023
Processor Intel Core i7 3.5 GHz
Storage 1 TB HDD Plus 128 GB SSD
Screen Size 17.3- inches
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life 6 Hours
Weight 3 kg
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M
Wifi Yes, 801.11 AC
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 3
Warranty 12 Months

Acer Aspire F5-771G-79M1 (NX.GENEG.023) Laptop Review


Big screen: Those who want to experience the full-screen view, then they can opt for this laptop since it is featured with the 17.3 – inch screen which is a full HD display and offers great viewing experiences.

Large storage: The introduction of the HDD drive and SSD drive offers plenty of storage options for you. The great 1 TB SATA is best for storing huge files and the 128 GB SSD offers fast performances.

Graphics card: This laptop is also featured with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M which provides a great view of the HD PC games.


Portability: The portability of this laptop is not quite pleasing since it is weighed 3 kg. It is very heavy to carry. Moreover, the large display is also added to the weight of this laptop.

Battery life: The battery life is not pleasing and the customers are dejected after buying the Acer laptop. It offers only 6 hours of battery backup after a single battery charge.

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The greatest point Acer Aspire F5-771G-79M1 has its large display which is loved by many consumers. The laptop is not very special but it still though makes a great device. If the bulky size and weight is not the priority for you then you can purchase this laptop.

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