Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB (NX.GD6EK.014) Review

If you want to have a good gaming experience while being productive, then Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB may be the one for you. You can relax and sit back while working with Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB. The model comes with decent specifications making it one of the best available laptops in the market at present. Along with a high-end graphics card to handle the modern games and play intense videos, the Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB comes with the 15.6-inch display screen. The following review will cover almost every aspect you need to take care of before purchasing your new laptop including pros and cons.


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Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB (NX.GD6EK.014) Specifications


Model Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB
Processor Intel Core i5
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Storage 1 TB
Screen Size 15.6 inches
Operating System Windows
Battery Life 7 Hours
Weight 2.4 KG
Graphics Card Yes
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 2

Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB (NX.GD6EK.014) Review


High-end graphic card: Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB comes with a high-end graphics card from the company Nvidia. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M has 4 GB of dedicated memory making it easy to handle the modern games and the intense videos they demand.

Decent processing power: The model uses an average processor Intel Core i5 which is next to the latest Intel Core i7. The Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB comes at an affordable price so the processing power is quite satisfactory.

Hybrid Hard Drive Setup: To get the performance benefits, the Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB has included hybrid hard drive setup. Also, you enjoy plenty of free storage with large 1TB SATA.

BluelightShieldTM feature of Acer: Acer’s BluelightShieldTM feature is an impressive way to save your sight and makes it handy to spend a lot of time in front of your laptop screen.


Low-storage SSD: Although the Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB consists hybrid hard drive setup, it has a minor drawback. The hybrid hard drive setup comes with only 128 GB SSD whereas 256 GB SSD could sound perfect with the specs.

Average battery life: It is not a long go with a single charge. Once the laptop is fully charged, you can only use it for 7 straight hours.

Heavy Weight: The Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB possesses 15.6-inch display screen to give us a better viewing experience. However, this 15.6-inch display screen adds on to the weight, making it heavy with a total weight of 2.4 KG.


If we look at both pros and cons, the cons seem to have a minor effect. With the so many decent features to offer, a buyer can compromise with those minor downsides on the Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57BB. This model of Acer is one of the gems produced by the company at an affordable price.

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