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On April 21, 2018
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This season who love technology can get a feature-rich laptop which is just launched in the market. The all-new Acer- aspire a315 is the newest entry in the tech world which is going to woo you with great features that is hard to find in other laptops. The specification is not going to grab your attention since it is same like other laptops. But the features are the reason to make you go crazy for this laptop variant. You will get to see the most improved features in the Acer- aspire a315 and that too in a pocket- friendly price.

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Acer-aspire-a315-51-30sz-nx-gnpek-014 Laptop Specifications


Model  NX.GNPEK.014/ A315-51-30SZ
Processor  Intel Core i3
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Storage 128 GB SSD
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Operating System Windows 10
Graphics Card Integrated HD Graphics 520
Wifi Yes, 802.11 A/C
Bluetooth Yes
Ports 4
Average Battery life 6 hours
Warranty Yes



  1. Portability: The weight of the laptop is just 2.1 Kg, but it is a full-size laptop.
  2. Performance: Though the Intel Core i3 processor is not the latest from the Intel in this laptop. But, you can do your everyday common activities in this laptop very smoothly. Though it lacks high-end processors it is the laptop which suits your budget.
  3. SSD Drive: The SSD Drive of this laptop is available free of cost. When you buy other laptops, you end up paying extra for the SSD drive. But this one is getting you for free of cost. Other specifications like storage and graphics enable this laptop to perform better.


  1. No sufficient memory: The new Acer-aspire-a315-51-30sz-nx-gnpek-014 has only 4 GB RAM memory and 128 GB of SSD drive. If you want more memory you better upgrade it with higher memory with extra bucks.
  2. Low Battery life: The 6-hour battery life after a single charge is not pleasing. It is very low if you compare with other laptops.

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An average consumer will love this laptop if he /she is not an avid gamer or don’t have any problem with the low battery life. But consumers will love for its design, features, and its lightweight. But a consumer who has issues with the storage, then he/she must consider taking other laptops.

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